We close the deals that

can’t be closed.

The team at Gauntlet Private Investments started at the height of the financial recession in 2008, with one notion in mind – “The relentless pursuit of the Close.”

A client once told us that every closing is a little miracle and when you consider the number of items and people that need to come together for a transaction to close that is a true statement. We are your miracle workers when you do not know what else to do for a difficult real estate transaction.

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and are driven to deliver competitive performance while building long-term relationships. We have compiled a list of investors and lenders who help us to strategize and close some of the most impossible deals.

The real estate investment problems solve include:

  • High Leverage real estate transactions
  • Negative cash flow
  • Criminal history
  • Short-term leases
  • Second and third position financing
  • Lack of commercial real estate experience
  • Lack of financial liquidity
  • Real estate turnaround situations
  • Cannabis related tenants

Access, Expertise & Pursuit of
Your Investment Goals

At Gauntlet, we meet capital challenges daily.

That’s why we approach real estate investment management by continually looking at where you are now and where you want to be. Our Loan Products include:

  • Purchasing Assistance
  • Refinancing Assistance
  • Property Rehab
  • New Construction
  • Bridge Loans


Funded Projects




Pending Transactions

We bring a clear, consistent, and repeatable process to maximizing each investment opportunity by tackling complicated transactions and providing certainty of execution. Our specialty is properties that need to be heavily rehabbed or have a story or history requiring deeply entrenched turnaround skills.

We work to adjust your investment management strategies and tactics, so you can stay on track toward your goals.We have structured real estate deals with more than $1.5B in capitalization to date.

Let Gauntlet Investments high-profile, experienced private investment execs put our intelligence and resources to work for you.

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